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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Weight Management

Clinical Hypnotherapy is more effective and quicker than many other methods

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Struggling to lose weight can feel like an endless battle, where you’re constantly stuck in a cycle of wanting to change your habits but going back and forth.

Does this sound familiar?

You may find yourself hiding parts of your body, justifying extra desserts as rewards for hard work, or unable to resist late-night snacking.

The truth is, it’s not solely about willpower.

Often, the missing piece is the right kind of professional help.

Seeking assistance can provide the guidance and support you need to break free from these patterns, make sustainable changes, and achieve a healthier, happier relationship with your body and food.

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Hypnosis for treating Weight management issues

Hi, I’m Elli and I have successfully helped many people like you to beat addictions and build empowered habits.

My name is Elli Lykouresi and I am an Accredited Hypnotherapist and a Strategic Psychotherapist. I am married, a cat and nature lover and moved to Melbourne from Greece in 2013 evolving from a 15-year Nursing background.

We all love food, right?

With all these temptations at your fingertips, food becomes more than just fuel for your bodies.

It offers a fleeting sense of relief and satisfaction that lasts only a few seconds.

Before you know it, shedding those extra kilos can feel like one of the most challenging endeavours you’ve ever undertaken.

Hypnosis offers a unique and effective approach to weight management.

By delving into the power of your subconscious mind, it can help you address the root causes of your weight-related challenges.

Through hypnotherapy, you can transform your relationship with food, break free from emotional eating, and overcome cravings.

This holistic method goes beyond traditional diets and exercise regimens, focusing on empowering your mind to make healthier choices.

It’s about rewiring your thought patterns, enhancing your self-esteem, and achieving lasting results.

And remember: there is nothing mystical about being hypnotised. Hypnosis, also known as trance, it’s simply a state of inner absorption, an everyday natural mind phenomenon, drug FREE, which when used properly, can give you an effective and long-term weight management.

I can show you HOW!

Effective Hypnotherapy = Happy Clients



Elli is exceptional! She helped me stop binging and shed the extra weight I had been carrying progressively. As a person who doesn’t exercise and couldn’t commit to a long-term diet, I was struggling with my weight and self-esteem. Reapproaching nutrition from a new perspective and learning to love my body, even with extra weight, is a journey. I’m halfway there now, and it doesn’t feel like a battle with my body anymore. I choose foods that show the utmost respect for my body and soul. Thank you, Elli, for reconnecting me with my body



I found Elli at a time in my life when I was looking for a huge change, which I had no idea how to start. With remnants of depression, a 1.5year old baby, and my husband working almost all day, everything seemed scary as if all my stamina was gone and my patience was at its limit. I felt like no one was there for me and no one understood me.

Then we started hypnotherapy.

With Elli’s help, I was able to face my fears and anxieties, shed the pregnancy weight, gain confidence in myself again and be calmer and happier.

Elli for me is not just a hypnotherapist. She is the person who listened to me and guided me to break the “prison” I have thrown myself into.



Elli helped me quit my chocolate addiction. I am thrilled every time I see chocolate in front of me without the cravings. Now I enjoy chocolate once in a while without the need to have more. You were right Elli. Many aspects of my life have changed because of this. In essence, I learnt to collaborate with my body and thoughts, harnessing my inner strength and feeling proud of myself. 

How I treat habit change and addictions with Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic Psychotherapy combined with effective Hypnosis is the latest evidence-based, solution-focus brief approach which delivers results far quicker than most traditional therapies.

Struggling to manage your weight can be a relentless battle, where you often feel like you lack control over your impulses.

Despite knowing that change is needed, the emotional pull towards unhealthy eating habits can be overpowering.

But here’s the good news: You will be guided in reshaping the emotional associations with your eating patterns. Those emotions that trigger overindulgence will gradually fade away. Cravings that once lured you into unhealthy choices will lose their grip, allowing you to make better decisions effortlessly.

You’ll develop coping strategies, harnessing the incredible power of your own mind to build a new, natural pattern of response.

Through the lens of Emotional Intelligence, you’ll cultivate a healthier approach to managing stress, creating a peaceful internal atmosphere without relying on external influences.

Using Strategic Psychotherapy, you’ll learn to choose which thoughts and emotions to prioritize, appreciating life’s simple joys while progressing towards your weight management goals.

We are not going to drill down to the Why you developed that old addiction, as most talk therapies do. We are not going to dwell into your past either, unless you wanted to.

This approach is being delivered using hypnosis, your mind’s natural state of absorption, as a huge part of what you do is driven by your subconscious mind.

In essence, you will let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore and you will establish new strategies to help you conquer your impulses, enjoy food and love your body.

And the best part of it is that you are going to use resources that you didn’t know you had. I will show you how. This is where aspects of your past are going to be stepping stones that will help you develop the skills to manage impulses and invite those thoughts that will lead you to empowering changes.

First 20mins of initial consultation are Risk-FREE

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have removed the risk for you.

If within the first 20min of our initial consultation you decide that New Chapter is not the right fit for you, you can leave. No questions asked.

The fees will be refunded within 24hrs

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