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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Low Confidence & Self Esteem

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Are you plagued by self-doubt and a constant fear of not measuring up?

Do you find social situations daunting, worrying about your abilities or how others perceive you? Are you tired of replaying past setbacks and being confined by hurtful memories?

You deserve to shed the weight of anxiety, stop those constant triggers, and embrace a life free from fear.

We’ve all experienced moments of self-doubt or nervousness—perhaps before a presentation or when meeting new people.

However, when these feelings persist and impede your daily life, it may indicate a deeper issue with confidence and self-esteem.

Whether it’s generalized self-doubt, social anxiety, or the lasting impact of past experiences, the symptoms can take a toll on your well-being.

When a lack of confidence and low self-esteem hinder your ability to enjoy life, it’s time to seek support.

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Hypnosis for treating Low Confidence and Self-esteem symptoms

Hi, I’m Elli and I have successfully helped many people like you with low confidence and self-esteem

My name is Elli Lykouresi and I am an Accredited Hypnotherapist and a Strategic Psychotherapist. I am married, a cat and nature lover and moved to Melbourne from Greece in 2013 evolving from a 15-year Nursing background.

Do you find it hard to believe in yourself, as if you’re always your harshest critic?

Struggling to assert yourself and lacking the self-assurance to shine?

Are you constantly battling self-doubt and negative thoughts that hold you back? How long have you carried this burden of low confidence and self-esteem? Weeks? Months? Years?

We all learn to doubt ourselves in different situations, often through experiences where our self-esteem takes a hit or negative beliefs become deeply ingrained.

These patterns can persist if left unchecked, making low confidence and self-esteem a constant companion.

Thousands have turned to hypnotherapy to reclaim their self-assured selves, as it provides the space to nurture confidence, face challenges with calmness, and gain the mental clarity to respond positively, not react negatively.

There is nothing mystical about being hypnotised. Hypnosis, also known as trance, it’s simply a state of inner absorption, an everyday natural mind phenomenon, drug FREE, which when used properly, can give you an effective and long-term relief from IBS.

I can show you HOW!

Effective Hypnotherapy = Happy Clients



Hypnotherapy is a way to deal with your fears and not only !!! Elli Lykouresi is a wonderful, fantastic person, she helped me a lot, I recommend her without reservation, it changes your whole life!!!



My experience of hypnotherapy with Elli was extremely positive. Before starting hypnotherapy, I was struggling with anxiety that affected me on a daily basis. I was stuck in a rut, unable to escape the vicious cycle of negative thoughts that prevented me from pursuing the things I actually wanted to do for fear of failure. Over the period that we worked together, Elli helped me work through many issues by identifying their root cause and she provided me with a number of strategies and tools for identifying negative patterns before they spiral out of control. Since completing our sessions, I have been able to manage stress, focus on tasks without being affected by limiting beliefs and this in turn has allowed me to feel more inspired and creative instead of blocked and stuck. Elli is kind, professional and supportive. I am grateful for the help and guidance that she has given me and I am sure she will help many more of her clients in profound ways.



Before seeing Elli for hypnotherapy, I had been dealing with chronic, debilitating anxiety and a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Since undertaking hypnosis with Elli, I have started to see shifts in the negative thought processes that had plagued me for years and, as a result, positive changes have started occurring. Elli has helped me to feel empowered and has given me the tools and strategies needed to conquer my fears and make the changes required to live my best life

How I treat Low Confidence & Self Esteem with Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic Psychotherapy combined with effective Hypnosis is the latest evidence-based, solution-focus brief approach which delivers results far quicker than most traditional therapies.

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that hypnotherapy can provide better immediate and long-term relief from symptoms such as re-experiencing traumatic memories than psychotherapy alone (Rotaru & Rusu, 2015).

Do you find yourself perpetually doubting your worth, even when others see your potential? Knowing that you should believe in yourself is one thing, but it doesn’t automatically boost your self-esteem. You might be aware that your self-criticism is irrational, yet those negative thoughts persist. It’s impossible to predict when or if someone will grapple with low confidence and self-esteem, but what we can change is how we approach the world within us.

Facing your insecurities and building self-assurance requires developing effective coping skills that target the roots of your self-doubt. Solution-focused strategies have shown promise in bolstering self-esteem, helping individuals break free from the grips of self-criticism. Through Strategic Psychotherapy, you can consciously recognize the self-sabotaging thought patterns that have held you back and construct a goal-oriented pathway to liberate yourself.

We won’t delve into the ‘why’ of your self-esteem issues, nor dwell in your past unless you desire to. Instead, I’ll show you ‘how’ your low confidence and self-esteem manifest. Once you grasp the process, such as ‘I doubt myself,’ ‘I’m afraid to assert myself,’ or ‘I lack self-belief,’ you gain the tools to disrupt these patterns and restore your self-assuredness. Embracing Emotional Intelligence, you’ll build new responses to handle life’s challenges and maintain inner peace.

This approach leverages hypnosis, your mind’s natural state of absorption, recognizing that much of your behaviour is driven by your subconscious mind. Ultimately, you’ll release what no longer serves you and establish empowering strategies to conquer self-doubt, living life with relaxation and a resounding ‘YES’ to new opportunities. The future is no longer shrouded in uncertainty; it becomes manageable and exciting.

And the best part of it is that you are going to use resources that you didn’t know you had. I will show you how. This is where aspects of your past are going to be stepping stones that will help you develop the skills to manage your emotions of burning worries and fears and invite those thoughts that will lead you to more calming changes.

First 20mins of initial consultation are Risk-FREE

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have removed the risk for you.

If within the first 20min of our initial consultation you decide that New Chapter is not the right fit for you, you can leave. No questions asked.

The fees will be refunded within 24hrs

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