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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Clinical Hypnotherapy is more effective and quicker than many other methods

Get life-changing support from the comfort of your sofa

Is your need to go to the toilet urgent and cannot be delayed at the most inconvenient times, forcing you to, perhaps, even deal with incontinence?

Are the unpredictable bowel habits of diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, and flatulence ruling your life, making hard for you to leave home?

Are your IBS symptoms spiralling your anxiety to the roof, affecting your relationships, your job, your life in general?

Have you tried all sorts of diets, supplements, and medication, yet, nothing has improved much?

As ex-Gut Directed Hypnotherapist at the Functional Gut Disorder Clinic at the Alfred hospital in Melbourne, I have helped and seen patients who have suffered with their symptoms for decades achieve life-changing results.

Significant body of research, including Monash University of Melbourne, has shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy can reduce gastro-intestinal symptoms by 70 to 80%.

If you want to re-establish the mind-body communication by toning down the signal being sent between the gut and the brain, which cause the gut sensitivity and pain, and restoring a positive line of communication between the brain and the gut, then you need professional help.

I am here for you!

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Hypnosis for treating IBS symptoms

Hi, I’m Elli and I have successfully helped many people like you to reduce their IBS symptoms.

My name is Elli Lykouresi and I am an Accredited Hypnotherapist and a Strategic Psychotherapist. I am married, a cat and nature lover and moved to Melbourne from Greece in 2013 evolving from a 15-year Nursing background.

The gut and the brain constantly communicate with each other. The connection is not the problem, the quality of the message is.

With IBS, the brain misfires, interpreting normal gut sensations as pain just to alert you that something needs to be looked after.

While the exact cause of IBS in not clear, it is now widely accepted that stress makes things even worst, if not creating them altogether.

You know what I am talking about, right?

You might get stressed thinking about potential flare-ups while you are trying to perform everyday functions, like driving a car to work or school. The stressful thought itself can rev up the digestive tract in undesired ways.

You need professional gut-directed hypnotherapy to restore the misinterpretation and reduce, if not eliminate completely, the sensitivity of nerves in the gut.

There is nothing mystical about being hypnotised. Hypnosis, also known as trance, it’s simply a state of inner absorption, an everyday natural mind phenomenon, drug FREE, which when used properly, can give you an effective and long-term relief from IBS.

I can show you HOW!

Effective Hypnotherapy = Happy Clients



Elli helped me love my body back again! Suffering with IBS for 12years, I had tried everything under the sun without improvement. With Elli’s help, I learnt how to affect positively the constant communication of my mind & gut to enjoy life back again. Now, I have tools to deal with my emotions effectively rather than supressing and avoiding them. Now, I can do and enjoy simple things that before seemed a major risk. Thank you Elli, you literally helped me change my life! 



I was introduced to Elli for my chronic IBS which had ruled negatively my life the last 4 years. I would have never thought that our mind can affect body functions. Elli provided me with easy-to-understand strategies to take my power and my life back. Within 4 sessions my IBS symptoms vanished and a profound calmness prevails over situations. I do HIGHLY recommend her.



Elli has transformed my way of thinking. For the longest time I had anxiety, and always had an internal dialogue which prevented me from living in the moment.
Elli is the first person I have felt understood me and listened to me. She is very kind, calm and compassionate. Her techniques have helped me manage that inner dialogue, that limited me for many years. I have walked away with incredible results, and am able to connect with people and enjoy life so much. It is no exaggeration when I say, she helped me get me life back. I now enjoy life and feel my emotions again. I can not thank Elli enough.

How I treat IBS with Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic Psychotherapy combined with effective Hypnosis is the latest evidence-based, solution-focus brief approach which delivers results far quicker than most traditional therapies, as it teaches the gut to be less reactive to strong emotions, and changes the way the brain processes information sent from the gut.

Knowing that you should stay calm, doesn’t bring calmness by itself. Visualising walking in a sunny forest won’t be useful while driving either.

Throughout your life, you have developed a sensitivity in your digestive tract which has gone out of your control lately.

You may have also noticed that your anxiety is lingering, either following a bowel behaviour or causing one.

You have eliminated types of food and activities to protect yourself from embarrassing and/or painful inconvenient experiences.

But now is time for all these to change. Right?

You will discover the profound connection between your mind and gut, and you will gain the tools to transform the messages that flow through this vital axis.

By working together, I’ll help you dial down the distressing symptoms of IBS, allowing you to savour life while managing anxiety in a more constructive manner.

You will regain trust in your own body and you will open the door to embracing new tastes and experiences, not only in your diet but in your entire life.

With a personalized approach that considers both your physical and emotional well-being, I’ll guide you toward a future where IBS no longer holds you back.

This approach is being delivered using hypnosis, your mind’s natural state of absorption, as a huge part of what you do is driven by your subconscious mind.

In essence, you will let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore and you will establish new strategies to help you conquer your mind and live life with the people that mean a lot to you and with activities that bring out the best of you. Because You Matter!

And the best part of it is that you are going to use resources that you didn’t know you had. I will show you how. This is where aspects of your past are going to be stepping stones that will help you to develop the skills to manage your emotions of burnout and invite those thoughts that will lead you to more positive changes.

First 20mins of initial consultation are Risk-FREE

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have removed the risk for you.

If within the first 20min of our initial consultation you decide that New Chapter is not the right fit for you, you can leave. No questions asked.

The fees will be refunded within 24hrs

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Therapy Session

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Many studies show that online therapy is highly effective and equally impactful as face-to-face. 

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How much does it cost?

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