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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD

Clinical Hypnotherapy is more effective and quicker than many other methods

Get life-changing support from the comfort of your sofa

Are you constantly worried about the worst-case scenario that might happen?

Do you struggle in social situations? Worry about failing or what others may think?

Feeling you had enough with reliving the past and being trapped by shocking and hurtful memories?

Do you want to eliminate the panic, stop feeling triggered and live without fear?

We have all felt anxiety—the nervousness before a date, test, competition, presentation, as Anxiety is our body’s way of preparing to face a challenge.

But excessive, lasting bouts of worry may reflect a chronic anxiety disorder, whether it is a generalized anxiety, a panic attack, a phobia, social phobia/social anxiety, or/and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

When the symptoms of anxiety and the associated behaviours are having a detrimental impact on your well-being and day-to-day functioning, it is important to get help.

First 20mins of initial consultation are Risk-FREE

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have removed the risk for you.

If within the first 20min of our initial consultation you decide that New Chapter is not the right fit for you, you can leave. No questions asked.

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Hypnosis for treating Anxiety, Phobias & PTSD symptoms

Hi, I’m Elli and I have successfully helped many people like you to beat anxiety, phobias and PTSD.

My name is Elli Lykouresi and I am an Accredited Hypnotherapist and a Strategic Psychotherapist. I am married, a cat and nature lover and moved to Melbourne from Greece in 2013 evolving from a 15-year Nursing background.

Do you find that it’s impossible to stop worrying, as if something terrible is about to happen? Are you constantly on edge? Having trouble relaxing? Can’t sleep at night? Avoiding circumstances? Unable to cope?

How long has it been going on? Weeks? Months? Years? Longer?

We all learn to be anxious in various situations. This can occur through experiences in which anxiety and/or fear becomes associated with a specific stimulus or traumatic event. When we come across this stimulus or bring up that memory very often, without managing effectively our thoughts and feelings, being anxious becomes a second nature for us.

Thousands of people found hypnotherapy to be the best treatment for anxiety, phobias and PTSD.

It gives you the space to create the calmness you need to manage any situation and the mental clarity to choose your response and not your reaction.

There is nothing mystical about being hypnotised. Hypnosis, also known as trance, it’s simply a state of inner absorption, an everyday natural mind phenomenon, drug FREE, which when used properly, can give you an effective and long-term relief from IBS.

I can show you HOW!

Effective Hypnotherapy = Happy Clients



Run, run, run!
Bombs, snipers, rockets, blood, scream, dead people .
No, no, no!
This was 30 years ago, why is it coming again?
Dr said because is still somewhere in the back on my mind. This current situation probably triggered it.

Elli, you said you can help me, you can heal it.
Let try it!

That Sunday morning I was nervously waiting for your call.
Make your self comfortable you said.
Correct your posture, breath deeply! You added.
Your gentle voice taking me safely to the beautiful, calm blue ocean. I can feel breeze, I can see sunshine, flowers, colours…
The horrible voices are disappearing slowly.
They gone, they don’t chase me any more.
Your gentle voice said – Come back, open your eyes.
I feel peace, calmness.

No word can describe my gratitude to you Elli.
You have cured me!
I’m same person I use to be, happy, full of life, grateful, full of energy.

I wish you all success in your new business!
You are amazing!
Go girl!!!



I feel that I can largely control my anxieties, with all that entails, for more happy moments in my life. I dismissed many of my fears, I don’t let them define my psychology and I feel that many times they don’t appear, they are outside of me. The psychosomatic problems that accompanied me when we started psychotherapy improved to a great extent, eben these pains rarely appear for a while and then are chased away by the memories of hypnotherapy.



The best decision I ever made was starting hypnotherapy with Elli! I overcame phobias and anxiety much faster than I imagined. I highly recommend her to everyone! She is amazing.

How I treat Anxiety, Phobias and PTSD with Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Strategic Psychotherapy combined with effective Hypnosis is the latest evidence-based, solution-focus brief approach which delivers results far quicker than most traditional therapies.

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that hypnotherapy can provide better immediate and long-term relief from symptoms such as re-experiencing traumatic memories than psychotherapy alone (Rotaru & Rusu, 2015).

Knowing that you should calm down, doesn’t bring relaxation by itself. You may even know that your worries are perhaps irrational, but you continue to worry.

There’s no way to know when or if someone will develop an anxiety disorder. But what we do know is that we can not change the world outside of us. Stimulus and triggers will always be out there.

Developing coping skills geared toward facing rather than avoiding stressful problems is vital to overcome your excessive concerns and fears. Using solution-focused strategies have been found to be helpful in reducing anxiety, phobias, and PTSD

Using Strategic Psychotherapy, you can consciously recognize the skewed negative thinking that prisoned you there in the first place, and create a goal-oriented approach to set yourself free.

We are not going to drill down to the Why you react like that, as most talk therapies do. We are not going to dwell into your past either, unless you wanted to.

I will show How you are doing the Anxiety, the Phobia, the PTSD. Once you identify the steps of the process e.g. “I am anxious”, “I get panic attacks out of blue”, “I am terrified of needles”, “I have these flashbacks” you will be able to use effective tools to instantly interrupt these patterns and stop the overwhelm worries and the paralysed fear. You get to start feeling calm again!

Using Emotional Intelligence, you will be able to build a new pattern of response to manage effectively any stressful situation and maintain a peaceful internal atmosphere.

You will be able to develop a mental clarity where you can use your new process, a new way of viewing and responding, to take back the control of your life.

This approach is being delivered using hypnosis, your mind’s natural state of absorption, as a huge part of what you do is driven by your subconscious mind.

In essence, you will let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore and you will establish new strategies to help you conquer your mind and live life, enjoying relaxing and saying YES to new opportunities! The future is not a dark scary place any more. It is manageable and exciting too!

And the best part of it is that you are going to use resources that you didn’t know you had. I will show you how. This is where aspects of your past are going to be stepping stones that will help you develop the skills to manage your emotions of burning worries and fears and invite those thoughts that will lead you to more calming changes.

First 20mins of initial consultation are Risk-FREE

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have removed the risk for you.

If within the first 20min of our initial consultation you decide that New Chapter is not the right fit for you, you can leave. No questions asked.

The fees will be refunded within 24hrs

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